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Tasmin Little and John Lenehan
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Tasmin's introduction
to all six composers
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Partners in Time
In early 2008 I released a download on my website entitled The Naked Violin with the aim of making my music available to everyone all over the world, especially those who had never before experienced any classical music. I wanted to remove every possible barrier and so I made the download available free of charge and provided spoken introductions to the music.

This CD follows directly on from The Naked Violin project and, if you would like to hear my spoken introductions and access the Naked Violin download pages, please visit my website:

The title Partners in Time refers to the chronological development of the relationship between violin and piano and the way that composers fell in love with, and responded to, this partnership. The partnership also refers to the players, as it is essential to have a rapport between musicians in order to make the music come alive. The music spans 200 years and is in the format of a recital programme.
We invite you to download Tasmin's spoken introductions with music samples to the pieces that she and John Lenehan recorded for their CD 'Partners in Time'. Here they are available for burning to your own CD or play back from a file on your computer. (128kbps - .mp3's) Right Click - 'Save Target as' in a folder of your choice (PC) - on a Mac: hold 'Control' and click the file of choice and scroll to "save link as"
1.Tasmin's Introduction to 'Partners in Time' CD
2.Introduction to Kreisler's Praeludium & Allegro
3.Introduction to Bach's Sonata in E major
4.Introduction to Mozart's Sonata No.17
5.Introduction to Grieg's Sonata No.2
6.Introduction to Tchaikovsky's Melodie
7.Introduction to Bartok's Six Folk Dances
8.All Introductions ONE file (32min)
9.READ or PRINT a PDF file of the introductions ........ Click Here
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