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Born: 25 March 1881 — Nagyszentmiklós — Hungary
Died: 26 September 1945 — New York — USA
Record Label
BIS Records
Tasmin's introduction
to Bartok's Six Folk Dances
(13 -18) Bela Bartók - Six Romanian Folk Dances - 5'49
Bela Bartók ..(( & play)

These six Bartok Romanian Folk Dances are a wonderful way to introduce people of any age to the variety of tone colours and different effects that the violin can produce.

They were originally written for piano but were transcribed for violin by a close friend of Bartok's called Zoltan Székely. I met Skékely once when I was studying at the Banff school of Fine Arts and I had the pleasure of playing the Ravel violin sonata to him - he was a quiet man and softly spoken - in fact it was hard to reconcile this gentle old man with the fantastic passionate performance I have heard of Bartok's 2nd violin concerto with him as soloist!
I won't play sections of every single dance as they are very short, but I'd like to play a little bit of the third dance which uses the effect of harmonics so atmospherically, almost making the violin sound like a woodwind instrument and invoking exotic thoughts.


Bartok really knows how to finish things up with a bang - this final couple of dances are a stunning conclusion, I hope you'll agree!


That's a brief outline of the works you'll find on my disc Partners in Time - I really hope you have enjoyed my introductions and that, if this repertoire is new to you, it has given you an insight into some of the most varied and marvellous works for the violin and piano.